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Teaching Philosophy

Follow the Child


Each lesson will be individualized for your child’s needs and interests. As a teacher I will observe to find out what your child’s needs and interests are.


Respect the child


 It is important to show respect for children by helping them to do things and learn for themselves.  Help me to do it myself.


The Prepared Environment


The prepared environment is an import part of Maria Montessori’s philosophy. It is the link for a child to learn from adults. I will make sure the environment is safe for the child and looks inviting so the child is drawn in to work at the piano.  I will ensure that learning materials are provided in an orderly format and the materials provide for appropriate experiences for all children. The development of the child is dependent on the environment she or he is in. 


Demonstrate how to do an activity


During my lessons I will always demonstrate how to play a piece of music first. I will play the first two bars and ask the child to play; I will then play the next two bars and ask the child to play. I will then ask the child to play the four bars together. I will continue this pattern until we have finished the piece of music.





Correcting the Child


Children make mistakes. If the child makes a mistake while playing, I will correct them in a nice manner. I won’t say “you have made a mistake” or “you played the wrong note”. Instead I will say “Lets try that again, your fourth finger needs to be on G”. If the mistakes are highlighted it may result in the child being scared to attempt anything in fear of making another mistake.


Hands-on Learning


 During my lessons your child will not only play the piano, but they will participate in some hands-on music activities/games such as playing a variety of percussion instruments to different rhythms.


Observe the Child


As a teacher, I will observe your child during lessons. I will observe their posture, hand position and the fingers they use when playing. These three things need to be corrected early on or they will become a habit and hard to change later on. I will also be observing your child’s sense of rhythm, if they are reading the notes or playing by ear.

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